11 Reasons to Love Reason 11 VST [Reason 11 Suite // Reason Rack VST]


Hey internet! Today we’re here to FINALLY talk about the amazing Reason 11 VST plugin that came out recently that I did two streams on and then got lost trying to make a proper video about.
So this isn’t really a review so much as it is a love letter to Reason 11 and some of my favorite features, effects, and instruments inside of the plugin.
Reason 11 is the new edition of Reason from the fine folks of Reason Studios and allows you to use all the instruments of Reason like Parsec or Malstrom or any of the cool effects in the VST plugin Reason Rack which is absolutely badass and lets you harness the power of Reason 11 in any DAW.

Autor: ➤ Venus Theory
Videolänge: 31:40