Best Free Virtual Instrument Plugins for Music Production 2019


These are the best free virtual instrument plugins for music production in 2019. Create professional music without spending a fortune on expensive software! In this video, you will find the best free instrument plugins in VST and AU format for Windows (PC) & Mac. They work in all different kinds of DAWs from FL Studio to Ableton. (Links for Linux & Pro Tools users below).

Autor: ➤ Another Producer
Videolänge: 18:43

This video contains 13 free virtual instruments plus 3 free VST instrument bundles, which at the moment contain 80 different instruments, making a total of 93 free instruments. Among them are drums, percussion, guitar, bass, pianos, synthesizer, strings, brass, and many other free realistic instruments.
While you have to create an account for some of these instruments, you can download others directly. A few of them also require additional software in the form of some kind of product management software.
Timestamps & links to the different instruments:
Acoustic Drumsets:
1:43 MT Power Drumkit 2
Acoustic Guitar/E-Bass(+Cloudrum):
➤ 8:01 Ample Bass P Lite
8:32 Ample Guitar M
for the other u-he synths check out
Instrument Bundles:
14:06 Versilian Studio Chamber Orchestra 2 Community Edition
○ Additional Links ○
How to use Windows VSTs within Linux
The „Music Production on a Budget“-playlist
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Music software/DAW (Steinberg Cubase):
Audio Interface (UAD Apollo Twin Duo):
Studio Monitors (Yamaha HS-7):
Keyboard (M-Audio Oxygen 49):
Microphone (Rhode NT1-A):
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