Connecting VCV Rack to Ableton Live as cool as would be with VST


I was so happy to combine VCV Rack and Ableton and then I realized that I cannot wait for VST (Rack for DAWs) anymore just because I’m full of ideas! So I’ve decided to get an ultimate template so now it has completely reduced latency up to ZERO (!) ms with ANY buffer size, midi out from Ableton and midi in from VCV Rack, sending automation from Ableton to VCV Rack and finally recording VCV Rack modulation (even a bipolar CV signals!) to Ableton Live automation. So I hope it will be useful for you and if you have another ideas to combine these DAWs just write something in the comment section below please. Also you can find some useful info and links down in the description.

Autor: ➤ VCV Rack Ideas
Videolänge: 12:17

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