Create Big Back Vocals & Harmonies From One Voice


Create vocal harmonies and lush backing vocals in Logic Pro X, from just one vocal. Using these advanced mix techniques, by manipulating just one voice, you can create thick background vocal parts, rich three part vocal harmonies, and even change the melody of the lead vocal, without bringing the singer back into the recording studio. 

Presented using Logic Pro X, but will work in any DAW, like Protools, FL Studio, etc.

We’ll cover step by step…
1. Creating realistic sounding Doubles, Triples & Quadruples (without using
    a doubler or chorus)
2. Changing Melody of Lead Vocal and using the original melody for the
    lower harmony
3. Create 3 Part Harmony Using 2 Different Methods. Using Flex pitch on
    Logic Pro X, (you can also use Melodyne or Autotune) And using Izotope
4. Create Talkbox Effect using Izotope Vocalsynth 5. Group, Process and
    Automate Background vocals.
6. A/B Comparison to the dry single vocal, Vs. the Full Lush Background
    vocals we created.

Autor: ➤ SkyeLab Music Group

Videolänge: 13:03


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