Creating Wide Techno Patch Stereo Patch with Slapback Delay module


In this video I’m going to show you how to use new RJ Modules Slapback delay as 4 instances for MindMelder MixerMaster mixer. This method allows you to wide up your mix with just low CPU consumption slapback delay module (basically old one mixing technique for early mixes) even without room reverb at all. So I used in my patch 4 that delays with different times and different filter settings inside MixerMaser AUX busses (it’s very useful, yeah) and had a lot of fun mixing with different propotions into my techno parts. If you’re interesting in some not quite strange techniques you’re more than welcome to watch this video!

Autor: ➤ VCV Rack Ideas
Videolänge: 17:12


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