♦ Daily Update Di 21.01.2020

daily update

📜 Tutorials:
    ▶ Quick & Easy FIXED VELOCITY Keys In Ableton    [Dirty Secretz]
    ▶ Future Garage / Ambient Beats Tutorial | Melodies And Lead Sound Design    [Venus Theory]
    ▶ Was ist ein Splitter und wofür ist er gut?   [Jonas Wagner]
    ▶ I Made A Beat Tape With These 4 Pieces Of Hardware    [Rachel K Collier]
    ▶ These Are The Best Ableton Devices For Techno    [Julien Earle]
    ▶ How To Create Ableton Simpler Effects    [Seed to Stage]
    ▶ #Jamuary2020 Day 20    [Brian Funk]
    ▶ Just Sounds: Roland MC-707 Groovebox House Workout    [Noisegate]
🥢 VCV Rack/Voltage Modular:
    ▶ Making Your Own Polyphonic PAD Synth Voice In VCV Rack    [VCV Rack Ideas]
👩 Performances:
    ▶ Best Rock Songs Vietnam War Music – Best Rock Music Of All Time – 60s And 70s Rock Playlist
    ▶ Gregor Ostheimer – Best Techno Tracks 2019
😄 Sex, Drugs & Rock´n´Roll:
    ▶ The Cars – Magic    [Hard Drive]
    ▶ Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers (ZZ Top-Cover)    [Marcus Nimbler]
     😎 have a nice Tuesday