♦ Daily Update Sa 11.01.2020

daily update

📜 Tutorials:
    ▶ Commodore 64 – Let’s Make Some Music! | The Legendary Computer Lives On    [Espen Kraft]
    ▶ How To Record And Mix Acoustic Guitar (5 Methods)    [Creative Sauce]
    ▶ DRY TO WET Ableton Reverb Channel Effect    [Dirty Secretz]
    ▶ Beginners Guide To Komplete Part 1    [Composing Gloves]
    ▶ Beginners Guide To Komplete Part 2    [Composing Gloves]
    ▶ Multi-Clip Editing In Ableton Live 10    [beat.de]
👩 Performances:
    ▶ Joe Bonamassa – You Better Watch Yourself    [Joe Bonamassa]
👩 Sex,Drugs & Roc´n´Roll:
    ▶ Summertime Blues (Cochran/Setzer-Cover) Marcus Nimbler    [Marcus Nimbler]
    ▶ Crying In The Chapel (Elvis Presley-Cover) Marcus Nimbler    [Marcus Nimbler]
    ▶ Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty-Cover) Marcus Nimbler    [Marcus Nimbler]
    ▶ Problem Child (AC/DC-Cover) Marcus Nimbler    [Marcus Nimbler]
    ▶ Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf-Cover) Marcus Nimbler – 20 Cut    [Marcus Nimbler]
    ▶ Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits-Cover) Marcus Nimbler    [Marcus Nimbler]
     😎 have a nice Saturday