♦ Daily Update Sa 25.01.2020

daily update

📜 Tutorials:
    ▶ OSCbuddy – Live Audio Visual Communication Tools   [Tom Cosm]
    ▶ Ready To Go MIDI TEMPLATES In Ableton To Speed Up Production    [Dirty Secretz]
    ▶ Presets Or Sound Design? Checking Out And Discussing Which Is A Better Option    [Yalcin Efe]
    ▶ Replicating Drum Machine CHOKE GROUPS In Ableton    [Dirty Secretz]
    ▶ Pitch Modulation: The Forgotten And Underlooked Gem Of Sound Design    [Yalcin Efe]
    ▶ Ableton Live 10 Techno/// Techno Synths Mal Anders    [Live World]
    ▶ Fetter Sound: E-Bass Aufnehmen Und Mischen    [Jonas Wagner]
    ▶ Captain Beat Tutorial – How To Make Drum Grooves Quickly & Easily    [Warp Academy]
    ▶ Just Sounds: Dub House Jam With TR-707, Volcas And JU-06A    [Noisegate]
    ▶ Audition Your Favourite One-Shot Samples INSTANTLY In Ableton    [Dirty Secretz]
    ▶ How To Groovy Tech House Like Miguel Bastida & Wade    [Julien Earle]
    ▶ Musik veröffentlichen ohne Label! So funktioniert digitale Distribution. (Teil 1)   [Martin Kienast]
    ▶ Musik kostenlos ohne Label veröffentlichen! Ein umfassender Vergleich der Anbieter. (Teil 2)   [Martin Kienast]
👍 Tests / Werbung:
    ▶ Crazy Ableton Live Visuals Demo And Download    [Soma Recording Studios]
    ▶ FRZN GRAINS For Ableton Live: A Selection Of Presets    [ELPHNT]
    ▶ Waldorf Microwave XTK In Action    [Doctor Mix]
🥢 VCV Rack/Voltage Modular:
    ▶ Chaining Sequences In VCV Rack    [Omri Cohen]
    ▶ VCV Rack Live Stream – Darius    [Omri Cohen]
👩 Performances:
    ▶ Gerhard Antusch – Come Relax
    ▶ Joe Bonamassa – From The Valley
    ▶ Steve Alcoran – The Trip
😄 Sex, Drugs & Rock´n´Roll:
    ▶ 38 Special – Back To Paradise    [Hollywood Scream]
    ▶ Miss You (Rolling Stones-Cover) Marcus Nimbler
     😎 have a nice Saturday