Exploring The Original R.A. MOOG Modular Synthesizer System


CORRECTION: In this video (released in 2016), we acknowledge that Wendy Carlos is misgendered, and sincerely apologize for the oversight. We recognize that Ms. Carlos should be retrospectively discussed using her proper pronouns, and will do so in all future content. In the world of synthesizers and electronic music at large, Bob Moog is a giant. His creations and his brand have become the standard by which all synthesizers are judged. In the late 1960’s, R.A. Moog created their ubiquitous modular synthesizer and with it, electronic music history was changed. When Mike Borish heard that Roosevelt University in Chicago had one of these monolithic synths sitting in disrepair, he had to fix it up and get it sequencing once again. And so he did, and Reverb was lucky enough to sit down with Mike and the Moog Modular to hear some crazy sounds.

Autor: ➤ http://Reverb

Videolänge: 10:25

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