Future Garage / Ambient Beats Tutorial | Reese Bass and Neuro Bass Sound Design


Hey internet! Today we’re here to talk about creating dark brooding reese bass lines for your future garage or ambient tracks! In this video, I’ll be covering how to make dark reese bass sounds like Burial, Kosikk, Virtual Riot, Vesky, and other future garage artists using a few basic synth patch ideas and wavetables!
From, there, we’ll also cover creating FM bass sounds and sick neuro bass one shots to fill out your arrangement and add overall sonic interest to your sound design.
So, you can follow along with your favorite synths like Serum, Operator or Sytrus to create these patches in any DAW! So, no matter if you’re using Ableton, FL Studio, Bitwig, Cubase, or whatever, you’ll be able to create these sounds to help give your future garage / ambient tracks that dummy thiccc bass.

Autor: ➤ Venus Theory
Videolänge: 27:39