Future Garage Tutorial | How I Made The Acoustica Mixcraft 9 Demo Track


Today we’re here to break down how I made my new song ‚As Skies Grew Dark‘ which is the official demo project of the new Acoustica Mixcraft 9!

Acoustica Mixcraft is actually the first DAW I used way back in the day, and it was an honor to be selected for this project, and I had a great time making the track!

This track is a Future Garage style tune featuring some ambient elements, field recordings, and some cool processing tricks and was all mixed using only the internal features and plugins of Acoustica Mixcraft 9!

So we’ll be covering how the track was made, the inspiration, and some tips and tricks for creating Future Garage for yourself!

Autor: ➤ Venus Theory
Videolänge: 28:54

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