Making a Track with Modular Synths and Ableton CV Tools | Eurorack Session


No VSTs, no Sample Loops, only External Synths and Drum Machines! Attila from The Sixteenth Bar’s studio ( shows you the entire process start to finish. In this video, we take one of the most popular Production Music Live Ableton templates – Analog Rooms – and we completely redesign it to work with Hardware Synths and Drum Machines only.

Autor: PML
Videolänge: 1:02:40

Get the original template here

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★ Here are the time codes to skip to important parts: ★
00:40 – Comparing the original song with our new hardware rendition
01:56 – A Question for You
02:50 – Let’s start working on this!
04:35 – Preparing the new Ableton template, extracting 16 bar section
06:00 – Discussing MIDI assignments, Ableton CV TOOLS and DC coupled
             Audio Interfaces
10:18 – Working on the Melodic Elements
12:59 – The Pluck Square Bass, Working with
             Eurorack Modules
17:30 – The MOOG Sub 37 Bass Group, Introducing the
             Ableton CV INSTRUMENT
21:32 – Main Lead, Discussing the Ableton CV INSTRUMENT
27:03 – Full walk-through of CV TOOLS CV INSTRUMENT setup,
             The Plucky Lead, Patching a sound on the Eurorack wall,
             Sound Design
30:35 – Ableton CV INSTRUMENT Calibration
39:53 – Delay on Plucky Lead, Eurorack Sound Design,
             using the 4MS Tapographic Delay
43:40 – Ableton CV LFO, Adding time-based animation to
             patched Eurorack sounds
47:32 – A/B Comparison of old song and new song
51:30 – Live Eurorack Performance of the finished song,
             Recording of the Audio Returns to create stems
58:38 – Recap and final thoughts

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