Making Techno Patch from Scratch with the new JW PATTERNS module


Here I built another techno patch from scratch with new and awesome module from JW which is called Patterns. It includes 16 rows of clock dividers and OR\XOR outputs, poly outputs are available as well! So it’s quite easy to understand what’s going on to insert VIZ poly module and actually see these gates.
I have to say that those Rotate and Shift CV inputs are awesome for live performing situations and for not fully random patch automation. Have fun watching! New builds of updated JW collection with Patterns are available here: ➤…

Autor: ➤ VCV Rack Ideas
Videolänge: 19:36

p.s. Updated video recorder from VCV is very nice but as you will see those strange module’s panels lags are appearing sometimes and slow modules‘ browser as well. But maybe it’s just about recording in full screen mode. Otherwise – the full screen mode without scroller bars and upper menu looks so nice!

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