Music Production Podcast 134: Julie Covello – The Rise of Controllerism, Community, and Warper Party


Julie Covello, aka DJ Shakey, is a DJ, producer, performer, and founder of Warper Party. It’s hard to overstate how important Julie’s role in the shaping of live electronic music has been. Warper Party is a monthly live electronic music event that has been running since 2005. So much of what modern live electronic music has become has roots in the community Julie has helped.

In this episode of the podcast, Julie talks about the early days of Warper Party and how community has helped her and the scene in general grow and develop. We learn about the days of modding MIDI controllers into creative live performance tools and how the live electronic music scene has changed over the years.

Autor: ➤ Brian Funk

Videolänge: 1:40:13

Story,Brian Funk,Podcast,Julie Covello

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