New 8 Step Sequencer from Count Modula for VCV Rack


In this video I’m gonna show you a new sequencer from Count Modula – 8 Step Sequencer (actually you can find 16 step sequencer version in the new update as well!). So I think this sequencer is pretty unique and has a ton of features – Gate\Trig outputs and SH mode for filtering unwanted CV during gate\trig, Inversion output of CVs, Scale, ADDR direction mode, one shot series of typical direction (random one shot is included), Length CV modulation as well as direction CV modulation! And moreover – expanders! And I did some minimal patch with this fantastic piece of software from scratch to show you all the power of the beast. So…hail Count Modula!

Autor: ➤ VCV Rack Ideas
Videolänge: 18:59