Piano Roll in VCV Rack


I think that for people who enter the VCV Rack world, coming from a DAW environment, the thing they miss the most is the piano roll and the ability to visually program a sequence or a melody. Well, a few days ago the Piano Roll module from RCM was released, making it possible for programming notes in a piano roll environment with features like velocity, the ability to program up to 64 different patterns, an end of pattern trigger output, and more.
In this video, I go through all of the features of the Piano Roll, and then I build a patch from scratch, utilizing most of its features. It’s a really nice and intuitive module, that will for sure just become more powerful with time, and it’s available for free.

Autor: ➤ Omri Cohen
Videolänge: 21:17

Here you can download the RCM collection
➤ https://vcvrack.com/plugins.html#rcm

Here is the final patch

Here is the Kinks Tutorial

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