Rachel K Collier – Tattoo


Ableton Live Looping Performance

Dear Youtubesss and kind supporters of RKC!

Performer: Rachel K Collier
Videolänge: 5:14

Yesterday Manager Ben shot me performing this minimal version of Tattoo in my lounge- This is a performance with no pre made clips, lots of live looping and reverbs haha!!!! I switch between fixed length and none fixed length looping and this is the first video I have made with the TC Helicon Voice live Touch 2 and also my new baby the Yamaha Reface DX!

Full Walkthrough and stem downloads to follow on my Patreon which is right now ensuring the future of RKC haha drop by if you fancy nerding out with me………

▶ https://www.patreon.com/rachelkcollier

Thank you for watching otherwise!

Lots of love RKC

Daily nerds over on my instagram @rachelkcollier

I hope you like it!

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