Superbooth 20HE: Kodamo EssenseFM


Kodamo EssenseFM is a sound module with an interesting and modern touch screen interface. At the heart of the synthesizer is a 6 operator synthesizer, each voice has its own low pass resonant filter and an extensive list of fx and modulation options. 

You can easily create your own fm algorithms and patches by using the touch screen, you can also draw your own waveforms with the touch screen and import wav files. You can create complex envelopes, create layers and splits with advanced options like round robin,

exclusion groups and an arpeggiator. You can create your own scales, temperaments and microtuning scales and much much more. 

In terms of connections you get: eight balanced audio outputs and multiple MIDI inputs (DIN, USB & Ethernet)

Autor: ➤ sonicstate
Videolänge: 8:54