Syncing Music with Ableton Live


In this tutorial we explore how to import music or tracks and sync them with Ableton’s clock. This allows for warping those tracks for the creation of mashups or perhaps DJ sets and live performance. Utilizing the tap tempo feature you can easily figure out the BPM of music you’d like to use. Syncing music with Ableton Live is very easy once you understand the basic method.

Autor: ➤ Seed to Stage
Videolänge: 26:36

Time Markers:
1:30 – The Tap Tempo Method
3:10 – Establishing the Downbeat
6:18 – Double time tap tempo for slow tracks
9:06 – Mashup Concepts
10:04 – Session to Arrangement View trick
12:11 – Figuring out the Key (advanced)
13:30 – Transposing to match
14:50 – Warping settings
18:34 – Warping non BPM based audio
20:55 – Moving Warp Markers
25:00 – Half timing or Double timing Audio

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