Tom Cosm – New WIP Techno Ableton Project Full Playthrough (Slopno 1.2)


I’ve been writing a lot of new music recently, and I’m going to start streaming here a lot more when I do. When I’m done with a session I immediately upload the Project to dropbox as a perk for the small crew of amazing Pateron supporters so they can disect it and offer thoughts and feedback.

Autor: Tom Cosm
Videolänge: 9:56

Here’s a full play through of the latest track I was working on today, where I am using nothing but native Ableton Live Synths to create every sound. No samples or VSTS. It’s been great challenge and I’m happy with the chaotic direction the tune is going!

You can check out the live stream recording(s) here :

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I’ll remove this video when I start working on the track again.

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