VCV Rack on a / Lunar Mission / Deep Dubtech Jam / Synthikat


Today I went on a lunar mission.

For the main sound of the patch I´ve used Pulsars to blend between 8 vco´s like omri showed in his Geodesics Module Series part 6 video. I got inspired from that and had to use that technique in my next patch. (Thanks Omri) On my way to the moon I got the idea to create a envolving pad sound that is going along some dub chords a bassline and some percs to generate a spacey/dreamy dubby deep techno song. 😀 I´ve used the new MIDI-Map and also the MIDI-Gate module to make my patch jammable and had a lovely jam with that patch.

Autor: Synthikat
Videolänge: 7:21

I hope you can feel away from earth and enjoy that jam! Have a great weekend. I will be back soon, over and out….peep peep noise crackle rumble noise…. 😉

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