VØSNE – Hypnotic session

Hypnotic & deep techno session played live & recorded reel to reel, using
★ revox b77
★ roland space echo re-201
★ sequential dsi prophet 6
★ tempest
★ prophet 12
★ vermona perfourmer mkII
★ moog subphatty
★ elektron octatrack
★ strymon bigsky & timeline
★ acidlab bassline 3
★ livid cntrl-r
★ ableton live for samples & recorded analog sequences.
Performer: ➤ VØSNE
Videolänge: 31:07

All the all synth on the stand are going thru the mackie mixer. All the synth are midi slaves and sequenced by the Octatrack. To fade in or out a synth, i use the cutoff filter mostly and when the sound is almost vanished, i shut down the sequenced midi channel on the Octatrack. On the Mackie mixer are coming external auxilliar fx like Space echo, Time line & Bigsky. Each channel/synth can get the proper amount of fx i want at anytime. Also i root 3 output channels from the Tempest to the Mackie : 1 stereo & 1 mono. I can use the send fx on those channels (usually stereo is for tempest synth and mono for rythm elements) That’s all for the Mackie ! the stereo output is going to the soundcard Input channel. The Tempest is midi sync by usb from the computer/ableton’s clock as well as the Octatrack. I use Tempest & Octatrack midi thru to sync bassline 3, volca keys & timeline. For this jam i use rythm sounds (clap, snare, hhat, tom, white noise, rimshot, etc..) & polysynth from the Tempest. All the kickdrums are Tempest analog homemade, most of them played straight from it, one is recorded and played from the Octatrack audio sequencer. As i said, 3 channels of the Tempest are root to the mackie, the 3 other mono are going straight to the soundcard. Same for the Octatrack audio & the Bassline 3. Concerning Ableton, i control the mix, the send fx & mute with livid cntrl-r. I play samples, loops and recorded sequences which i launch with an ipad & TouchAble app.
Listen to this session on Soundcloud
▶ https://soundcloud.com/vosne-music/hy…
I hope you will enjoy this one too !

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